Air Ticket Services
The customer can book the Domestic Flight Tickets, throughout all the Shah Consultant. Based on the availability. The flight ticket can be both for one way trip and round trip. Four passengers per ticket, at the maximum, can be booked.

The customer has to provide the details like source, destination, journey date, no. of passengers, etc. Further the customer has to provide the personal information like email ID and phone no for further contacting them. The customer will get a verification form which contains Flight, passenger, delivery details, journey date and the fare rules. Tickets can be booked only after the customer signs the verification.

Payment mode will be either cash or Credit card. Customer will be provided a Flight Itinerary slip with a Reference number, along with the Shah consultant. Receipt, at the end of the transaction.

After booking the ticket, we will send an email and SMS, having the Airline PNR, to the customers e-mail address.

The passenger should bring a valid PHOTO ID card, while on travelling.
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